SAD # 2: Calico Under Cherry Blossom

Rang in my birthday while writing a story by hand in bed with my favorite green pen. Yes, it works like that. I’m calling it Calico Under Cherry Blossom and it’s modern day but mystical and maybe a little fairy tale. It’s different from what I’ve written in the past, but it feels good. I really like it. For my FM friends, it’ll be up later today on the FM boards, I just need to transcribe it first.


3 responses to “SAD # 2: Calico Under Cherry Blossom

  1. Hello. =] I spotted your post in a search for ‘writing’ on WordPress. I happened to notice that you mentioned FM, and wanted to know if you meant Forward Motion? The one that Holly Lisle founded awhile back? Just curious. =] I’m taking her HTTS course right now, and used a lot of her free workshops and articles way-back-when in high school to spur me on a bit. She’s a sweet lady.

    Anyway, happy birthday from a stranger, and I hope you enjoy writing your story.

  2. Hi, thanks for visiting. 🙂 I do indeed mean Forward Motion. Are you a member there too? And I adore Holly Lisle. She’s done more for my writing education than anyone.

    • I’m not a member there, actually. I never really had the courage to join. =P I have to say, she’s definitely been the most influential person in the evolution of my own writing as well. I think the greatest thing one writer can do for another is help them grow, and she’s taken that to an incredible level with her forum, website, and courses.

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