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triangulation rejection

For a story that I wrote, revised, and submitted over the course of 30 days, I’m surprised I received such a quality rejection. I’m pleased she went into such detail, points being positive and constructive. I figured a personal rejection from Triangualtion would be myabe a paragraph, some feedback on whatever ailing issue destroyed the story. But no — it was a page long. I am very grateful and will definitely be revising this one before sending it out again.

And I think the response has encouraged me to maintain the theme in the story. I don’t think I can pull the rainbow out too easily. I’ll revise the rest of it and start submitting it elsewhere and see what happens.

What I learned? Don’t wait until the last minute. I was stuck on the idea for the longest time before I finally wrote it, and had only enough time for two decent revisions. One more revision round might have been enough. When next year’s theme is announced,  I’ll be getting to work on it right away. I want to get better at deadlines. I’ll write and revise better. This is my first year of serious submission: it’s my training-wheels year. Next year, I’m riding a two-wheeler.


bomb’s away

Two submissions made today. Yes, I made my deadlines. The last one I made by about 15 minutes. 🙂 But it’s done.

tiger princess cont’d and complete

Working hard and making progress, but not done yet. 8 pages revised today, with a total of 25 in the story (double space), so I doubt I’ll finish tonight. Maybe in the morning, or over lunch? Here we go…

Edited 11:23pm to add: And v02 is complete! I’m printing and will reread in the morning before I send off for crit. It’s my usual length, 5k (25 pages double spaced). I think it’s good. 🙂

tiger tiger growr!

Engrossed in the tiger story, about 1/3 done.  Started early this morning, got a half hour in around 4:45am, and then again over lunch. I was going to take the kids to the library today, but. . . I think I’ll be going alone and writing. Sorry kids, but I’ve got some momentum going which can be good for stories on a deadline.

forging ahead

Resubmitted Fading Light after a quick revision. Definitely fixed some minor problems I didn’t see with the story before submitting it to Writers of the Future. Darn it. Better luck at this next place…

Working on Tiger Princess, actual title expanded to Rise of the Tiger Princess. And it’s got a whopper of an ending.