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Hunter’s Honor

Last night I was hesitant to say the revision was complete, and I was correct.  I tied up loose ends, adjusted some writing, and retitled it to “Hunter’s Honor” over lunch today.  I’ll read it one last time this evening then post it up for critique.  The story has seriously grown: the batch of revisions took it from a 2500 word story to 4500 words.


hunter progress

This edit pass of Hunter is complete.  Stayed up way passed bedtime, but the brain, fingers, and muse were all cooperating.  I couldn’t break that up.  I’ll review the story tomorrow and post it up on the critique boards on FM.  Wordcount totals 4,000 words.  A good length for a short story, I think.

Title is still evading me.  Something about honor.  Looks like I have to fight for this…

Morning update:  a few loose ends need to be tied together before I’m comfortable posting for crit, but I’m pleased at the changes.  The story seems right.  Title may be “Hunter’s Honor”.  Will be working on this over lunch.

and it begins again

The week’s started up fairly strong; one crit today, one workshop exercise and discussion, and editing more on Hunter. I’m still rewriting the ending, and the word/page count is rising. It’s sloppy writing at the moment, I’m just trying to capture the event and the feel of it. I’ll have to go back and see what will need cutting and how much of it needs cleaning up. But getting there. This is good.

new scenes for hunter

Adding the new material has been tough. The story background has changed, so I’ve had to be careful weaving these details around events already in place. And then fitting the new scenes in so they don’t look like purple Dora bandaids… 😉 Getting there.

I’ve been encouraged to join the Muse Online Writing Conference (it’s free). I haven’t yet done it, and it’s over this weekend, but I promise myself that I’ll sign up for it next October. In fact, it’s going on the family calendar (and my annual goals sheet) to remind myself.

hunter redlined & gutted

I completed the redlining over lunch, determined what is to be gutted and what is to be edited, and where to insert new scenes and details. I expected it to hurt, to be reluctant to let these scenes die, but it doesn’t, and I didn’t. It feels right.

Thursday night lost to illness; good news is I’m back on my feet on Friday.

evening writing

I think I’m developing a cold here, thinking is much more difficult than it was this afternoon. I had a wonderful brainstorming session in the car (in between the cursing at the construction) and came up with a few thoughts for the title and the new opening. Except that now I can’t even bear to type anything. It doesn’t help the basement is cold… So I’m taking the manuscript and notes upstairs with a red pen and marking it up now. I’ll enter the changes tomorrow. Can’t wait to get this thing going!