Summer Writing

I like to call it Summer Writing because I struggled for a bit at the beginning of this pandemic. Too busy trying to take care of my family in our changing schedules and responsibilities, I had nothing left to give my muse. She was more patient than I was. I spent April and May planning a novella I didn’t want to write, but desperately needed to write. I still haven’t written it, but in June, I moved on to other projects near and dear to my heart. I tackled a couple of chapters in my novel revision. I started revising short stories again. Then I restarted a novella draft in July, while still revising the novel. Then the short stories demanded more. And the new story ideas are coming so easy, it’s like opening a faucet.

I’m not entirely sure this isn’t a stress reaction either, but it’s making me feel better at the very least. I’m avoiding Facebook and Twitter except to report on writing progress and check on family and friends. I’m checking news after my writing sessions instead of when I first wake up. I’m more focused. Even video games are beyond me at the moment. Yes, my muse has me in her grip.

It’s glorious, transitioning smoothly from one story to another, without feeling like I’ve abandoned something. It is satisfying to know the new words come when I call them, and mold pretty close to what I envision.

I hope this lasts a while.

Fortunately, I am both a realist and a planner, and with school starting up again tomorrow for my high schooler and next week for my middle schooler, there are shifting schedules that will impact my writing. I have a plan for that. We’re going to see if it works.

Keep writing, keep reading, keep doing the things you need. A break is coming. There is hope on the horizon. Don’t lose sight of it.




One response to “Summer Writing

  1. Glad to hear the writing is working for you again, even if the method is not what you expected :). Enjoy your revels with your muse.

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