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forging ahead

Resubmitted Fading Light after a quick revision. Definitely fixed some minor problems I didn’t see with the story before submitting it to Writers of the Future. Darn it. Better luck at this next place…

Working on Tiger Princess, actual title expanded to Rise of the Tiger Princess. And it’s got a whopper of an ending.


Writers of the Future: Honorable Mention

My story Fading Light received an Honorable Mention in the Writers of the Future contest. 

What does that mean? Top 10 – 15% of entries received this quarter. Pretty neat for my first entry.  My next story goes in in two weeks, and I’ve still got to revise it. I’m super psyched now.  🙂

Oh and my friend Margaret is on the list too, so doubley excited.

fading light edit

Despite the crazy weekend, I got to work on Fading Light tonight. I feel like something is still off, or it could be I’ve just spent too much time on the story at this point. I printed it, and will look at it tomorrow. If it doesn’t sing to me, I may just shelve it for a few days and read it again when I’ve had some space…

behind the scenes

My brain likes to simmer with things, and I didn’t realize until bedtime last night that it was still simmering the ending to Fading Light. I didn’t realize this until I was reading a chapter of Think Sideways regarding story endings and then it hit me like one of those cartoon pianos falling from the sky. So I made the changes and updated the story version to my crit group. The prose isn’t as fancy as it was before, but the content is positively heart wrenching, which counts for more. Hopefully my gut is correct.

Worked a bit on the POV workshop Valerie Comer is running on FM.

Friends headed over for role playing tonight, so not much more for today.

Fading Light tonight

This story breaks my heart every time I work on it. But I worked through it, and the edit is complete. I’ll review for typos in the morning and then send off to my crit group. This is one of my best pieces, and it follows my trend of dark and painful. I guess I just can’t write happy. I need more puppies and rainbows…


I’m in edit mode, so I’m going with it. Fading Light is moving along once again, and I’ve cleared the dust off Hunter Hunted, which is getting revamped big time and is due for a title change. Writing is once again becoming a daily event. Now I need to work on completing tasks a little quicker. Fading Light needs a few more days of computer time and Hunter needs some paper & pen time so they balance well. It doesn’t help that tonight is the season premiere of Heroes, but I guess I’d better make good use of now.

Tuesday July 21st Daily Progress

I’m building the habbit again, building the routine. To that end, I chose to work on the short story edit and redlined 6 more pages. Tomorrow I’ll review the crit I have on hand, and start inputting my changes.

Stalker has some issues, namely its worldbuilding is far from satisfactory, and I’m uncomfortable with that. I understand Holly’s lesson in overplanning, but I’m going to outline just a bit more tonight, on paper, and see where that takes me. Something is holding me back, and it isn’t laziness. I’m missing something, and that something should be obvious to me.

Sunday July 19th

Busy day with friends and the kids, so I’m taking tonight as a night off the novel. I managed to redline 3 more pages on Fading Light earlier today, and will make another attempt before bed.

I start my writing week on Sunday, so this is my first of two nights off the novel. I know, wonderful way to start the week. It’ll balance out, and the writing tomorrow will be all the better for it.

Addendum: Read Think Sideways lesson number 10 before bed, but didn’t hit Fading Light again.

Beginnings Anew

Lots happening on the writing front. Time is short, so I might stop posting to the FM boards and just post here for a while. The past few days and weeks have brought me to the point of:

* selecting my short story project: Fading Light needs one more edit, then I’m pushing it out for submission.

* located orphan submission: Treischan Strength was supposed to be resubmitted to a new market, but somehow I missed it. I’ll be setting that up this weekend.

* novel project associate with Think Sideways course has been renamed to Stalker, simply because Haven is not a very exciting title. The writing begins tonight.

Starting a new project is exciting and scary and I’m to the point of bouncing out of my seat with all my fidgeting at work today. I can’t wait to get the kids to sleep, and the bills paid, and the laundry started tonight. Then it’s Writing Time.

Updates will be forthcoming, they may not be exciting, but part of the purpose of this blog is to keep track of my writing.