Beginnings Anew

Lots happening on the writing front. Time is short, so I might stop posting to the FM boards and just post here for a while. The past few days and weeks have brought me to the point of:

* selecting my short story project: Fading Light needs one more edit, then I’m pushing it out for submission.

* located orphan submission: Treischan Strength was supposed to be resubmitted to a new market, but somehow I missed it. I’ll be setting that up this weekend.

* novel project associate with Think Sideways course has been renamed to Stalker, simply because Haven is not a very exciting title. The writing begins tonight.

Starting a new project is exciting and scary and I’m to the point of bouncing out of my seat with all my fidgeting at work today. I can’t wait to get the kids to sleep, and the bills paid, and the laundry started tonight. Then it’s Writing Time.

Updates will be forthcoming, they may not be exciting, but part of the purpose of this blog is to keep track of my writing.


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