Saturday July 18th

Despite sheer exhaustion and frustration at children who refuse to go to sleep and stay asleep when I have writing goals, šŸ™‚ I started my novel. And this is a repeat of last night which resulted in 0, yes zero, words written. Tonight’s work was shorter than I hoped for, but openings are difficult for me and the fact that I wrote nearly 300 words that I don’t hate is really good.

My goal is to work on the novel 5 days a week, an hour or two at a time. Fridays are probably impossible, so I’m planning on no writing Fridays unless I’m in the mood. Mondays will probably suck also, as they tend to be the toughest work day and by the time the kids are in ZZzz-land, my brains are friend, scrambled, poached. Done.

Stalker’s opening: Audrey danced into the photography studio, her closing packet under one arm, and a grin to shame the Cheshire cat. The running ended today, ended about an hour ago when she purchased her rented home under her birth name, her real name, a name she hadn’t used in seven years.

On other fronts… Treischan Strength is back in submissions again, sent out this evening via email. Fading Light and my favorite red pen are waiting for me, so now I’m off. Ta-ta!

Addendum: Fading Light – redlined 1 page for editing.


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