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Back from Vacation & On The Go

“Vacation” simply means “time off of work, not at home” when it’s done with a toddler. She’s moving beyond her toddler phase, and while she is a well behaved child, it’s still work. I gave myself this morning off to recover from the vacation, but it’s off to finish unpacking, doing laundry, buying groceries, and logging on to the work computer (yep, promised them four hours today, which is much better than eight).

I was too exhausted to manage any writing over the trip, but I did get some reading done, and quite enjoyed Wen Spencer’s “Wolf Who Rules”. I get a kick out of her main character Tinker, who is as short as I am, but has courage in spades where mine only comes in spurts. 😉

This week promises to be chaotic, mostly due to committments to the day job that may require more than the normal eight hour day, but I do have a few things I’m aiming for. Sunguard needs editing still, and I intend to finish it this week even if I have to sacrifice sleep. I have some minor goals (my fiction class, a crit, and start/build a short story first draft), but not until Sunguard gets another pass.


Bookshelf: "Rebel Ice" S.L.Viehl

I’m currently reading “Rebel Ice” by S.L.Viehl. It’s the sixth in the Stardoc series, a heart-warming yet culture shocking, humorous at times, science fiction adventure that isn’t over-the-top science-in-your-face. She doesn’t write down to the reader either. The tech’s in there, the emotion’s in there, and this time, there’s snow. Lots of it. (With all the snow that fell this winter, I had to wait for summer to read this one, didn’t I?)

For anyone who hasn’t read any of the Stardoc novels, I have to warn you, they’re addicting. The main character, Cherijo, is a doctor with some family problems that turn intergalactic. Literally. If you’re going to read the series, start with “Stardoc”.

Interestingly enough, Viehl starts this novel with the point of view of a character we’ve never met in the previous books, in a strange world we’ve never even heard of, practicing customs I’d never imagined. I admit, I was a little concerned for the first few pages about being thrown into this world without Cherijio and her friends, but trust in Viehl won out. My favorites showed, each being tested in their own way around this planet of ice, each suffering, each tortured. And quite a punch at the end, I might add.

Here’s a link to Viehl’s blog which contains a fascinating combination of writing advice, general adivce, and Viehl’s interpretation of what makes the world go ’round. She gives stuff away too, which is always nice.


Don’t Take Your Authors for Granted

My blog is about writing and very little else. It makes sense to me that since reading influences my writing, it should also influence my blog. It’s another way for me to support the authors I enjoy, and especially the authors who have influenced my writing, whether it be through their own writing, or direct contact with these normal everyday people who have their own issues and worries and loads of talent to bog all that down.

Never take for granted that your beloved authors will always be there. Writing is competetive. If their sales aren’t top notch, they won’t be getting new contracts. Don’t have time to read it all now? That’s fine. You know you love them, you’re going to buy the books anyway. Buy the books now and have them ready for when you want to pick them up.

My rule has always been to buy paperback rather than hardcover because I could purchase more books that way. I still have a hard time spending $25 or more on a hardcover and can’t wait for the day when Lotto picks my numbers and I can buy all hardcovers and show them off on an antique cherry bookcase. I’d rather help a little, all the way around.

I’ll share with you my current reading list, what I think you’ll like about the book, and link you to the author’s site in hopes you’ll check them out and support them too.