Writing Results & Goals

 It’s more important to be writing than reporting on the writing, isn’t it? That’s why this post is so late. I make goals and promises to myself, and try my best to be honest about what happened in achieving or failing to achieve my goals. These past few months, it’s been a combination of work, family, and the inability to balance multiple projects. I’ve been focused primarily on the novel, and my short story writing suffered. It’s a necessary sacrifice; even if I start indie-publishing my shorts, my path to writing success requires novels to be written and revised.


Writing Results (March + April)

  • Short Story Revisions 2 (1 in March, 1 in April)
  • Reading 2 (1 in March, 1 in April)
  • Rejections 16 (10 in March, 6 in April)
  • Submissions 18 (12 in March, 6 in April)
  • Novel Research and Outlining (March + April)
  • Short Story Workshop on FM (March – writing; April – hosting)


May Goals

  • Short Story Writing – FM SAD Challenge (goal of 15 stories)
  • Winter Warrior – write first 3 chapters
  • Prep VP application
  • Continue the short story workshop on FM


Did I mention I love short story writing? May is usually the month I get to be self indulgent in my writing and my family lets me get away with it. It’s probably why I haven’t done Nano comfortably. I already have May.  I’m also continuing the workshop. I have one more  post to put up for the members, and I want to follow them all through to completing one story.


I hope your May is going well.


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