Busy Busy Busy – and it’s May

I’ve been too busy to post regularly, but I’m still around and writing, in addition to handling some unusual family matters and travel issues. My Merry Go Round post was delayed by the travel and family matters, but I will post soon on it. Oddly, the subect is deadlines. Blew that one, didn’t I?

Those of you following me for a while know how I excited I get over the May Story A Day challenge. I usually get 4 – 10 brand new short stories for the month. This time, because of the time issues, I’ve been pulling prompts every day and working on character and outlines. So far, I have 7 outlines ready to be written into short stories in a decent smattering of fantasy and science fiction.  I’m eager to type them up and get them posted on www.fmwriters.com.

I’m still working on my short story workshop. I’ve had six writers sign up for it, and so far at least 3 of them have completed short stories. We’ll keep going through the month of them and see what progress gets made.

Winter Warrior was put on hold for a few days; novel notes were too bulky (and precious) to travel with me. But I’m starting up with it tomorow morning. I need to hurry and get the next few chapters written so I can revise them before the workshop deadline. I need to also get my letter/application in shape. I’m also eager to get this novel written. It’s by far the most interesting one I’ve planned in a long time and I want to fit the pieces together and see what it looks like.

More updates to come. Hope you’re happy, reading or writing away…



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