A Very Strange May

I love short story writing, I love May Story-A-Day, so what I’ve been doing has been downright torturous.

I’m on a deadline, trying to write some novel chapters and revise them so I can use them as part of my workshop application. Time is running short on me (speaking of Merry Go Round Topic, “Deadlines”). It’s an interesting challenge. I’m loving the novel; the outline and worldbuilding complete enough to write, and the first chapter is mostly done. (One more scene to go). Based on its length, I’ll write one more long chapter and then revise them plus the outline.

This in the midst of family, travel, and health (not mine) issues. And SAD.

Rather than be upset, I’ve improvised. The first ten days of May, I pulled a story prompt and created characters and an outline. I have 10 SADs plus one other short story I’d been working on ready to be written. At this point, they’ll take me about 3 – 4 hours each, about 2 days of writing time. Once I’m done with the workshop application, I’ll be diving into these stories. They may not all be done in May. I’m a little dissapointed with that, but I’m very happy that I pulled the prompts and prepped the stories. If I hadn’t done that, I think looking at today’s date and knowing I haven’t even started a short story… I don’t want to go there, thinking about the level of that dissapointment.

So, novel chapter, revision, then stories. I’ll have them. I will. The characters are rising up out of my notebook to haunt me.


2 responses to “A Very Strange May

  1. That’s an innovative approach. Good luck with the short stories. You’re doing awesome with the juggling!

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