October Results + November Goals

Really, what month isn’t insane for me anymore? I’ve been exhausted and fighting for every minute of writing time.  I wanted to accomplish more than I did (always do), but I’m happy with what I’ve done. I really don’t see how I could have squeezed any more in without dipping beneath six hours of sleep. Some places, I will not go.

 October Results

  • Short Story Writing: 1 in progress
  • Short Story Revisions:  2
  • Critiques: 6
  • Reading: 4 (two WOTF anthologies, and two books on running)
  • Rejections: 4
  • New Submissions: 1 / Resubmissions: 4


November Goals

  • Novel Writing: 1 scene daily
  • Short Story Writing: 2
  • Short Story Revisions:  2
  • Crits: 8
  • Read: 2


I’m getting back into the novel. There is about 40 – 50k left to write. I figure it’ll take me about 8 weeks, which is good, since my goal is to get it done before the end of the year. I’m serious about balancing novel work and short story work, so I’m really going to try this again. The short story revisions are later drafts, so they shouldn’t take up too much time, and I think I’m going to work on some flash fiction for my short stories. I haven’t written a decent one recently, and I need to sharpen those skills. The reading should be fairly easy – I’m going to start getting the CDs from the library again. I moved away from that during the nice weather since audio books are difficult to listen to with the windows rolled down. With winter coming, it’ll be easier to commit. 


Crazy nonwritng stuff: my first 5k is this Saturday. I’m closing up a major project at work in the next two weeks and organizing my group’s move to another building. In fact, one needs to be done so the other makes sense. My brother’s coming to town for a few weeks, so I need to be able to get my writing done in less time so I can hang out with him. Thanksgiving is my son’s 3rd birthday. We’re also working on his potty training and tweaking a fix to one of his health issues. I promised my husband homemade apple pie. I’m having virus and other issues on my computer. Is that enough?

 Let’s go November! Whoohoo!

 Happy Reading and Writing!

~ Dawn


3 responses to “October Results + November Goals

  1. Yes, that’s enough, but you forgot to mention the holiday beyond sharing it with your son’s birthday. That always makes us busy around here.

    Good luck with everything! I really hope you get back into your novel, and have fun with it!

  2. Wow, Dawn, you’ve got so much going on. I really admire how much you get done!

    Good luck on the 5K! I bow to your superior physical condition.

  3. Sounds busy! How’d the 5k go?

    I’m always impressed with how many critiques you do–I haven’t been on the OWW since the marathon in August. It’s on my to-do list for today, but it’s already 9pm and there’s something else I should do…maybe I’ll put that other thing off another day.

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