Meet My Muse

This month’s FM Merry Go Round topic is Self Interview. In an offshoot of that, I’d like to interview my Muse. The Muse might sound like an aspect of multiple personality disorder, but really, she’s a representation of how I compartmentalize aspects of my life. Plus, I never had an imaginary friend as a child. My Muse showed up about fifteen years ago when I moved out on my own. Or maybe it was that I could finally hear her.

DMB: So why is it you chose me instead of some other person to torture? Because you do know it is torture some days, right? Having you throw all those ideas my way and not having enough time to do anything decent with them?

 Muse: (glowy ball of light hovers above DM’s arm chair) Torture? I could stop, you know.

 DMB: (panics) You know I love you, sweetie.

 Muse: Okay, whatever.  Look at it my from perspective: you’re open to story ideas and concepts that are just plain weird and you’re not afraid to try writing them. What muse wouldn’t want a human pet to really play with her gifts?

 DMB: Pets?

 Muse: Just put it in a story, love.

 DMB: (writes it down)

 Muse: Write faster, I have another idea. A writer loses her muse and has to go out searching for her. In the dark. On Halloween. After a train derailment.

 DMB: Ooh, I wonder if the lost Muse caused the derailment. Looking for company, she zips toward the driver and he freaks out, resulting in the wreck.  (grins) I have another 6 months until it’s marketable. (consults notes) So you seem to prefer fantasy for novels, but swing between science fiction and fantasy for short stories. Any thoughts on why?

 Muse: That’s your fault. I just spark the idea, you develop it. See, fairy tales are told from a very young age, it’s the first and easiest place your mind slips to when I offer tidbits. You didn’t start on science fiction until high school. The love is there, but it’s different. Like how it must be to have two children and love them both equally but love them in different ways.

 DMB: You watch me parent? I thought you hid while the kids are around?

 Muse: Just because you don’t notice me doesn’t mean I’m not there. Here’s another thing. You’ve read more fantasy than science fiction. If you want to continue working together, I’ll need you to rectify that.

 DMB: I know, I still have so much reading to do. But I don’t like choosing between reading and spending time with you.

 Muse: And yet here you are. Here’s another idea. (whispers). Don’t share this one with your friends, it’ll win Writers of the Future next quarter.

 DMB: Next quarter? I need more time than that.

 Muse: Then what are you doing talking to me?

 DMB: How about one more question first. And that wasn’t the question. See, no question mark. (consults notes) Why can’t we verbalize like this all the time? It’s always images or dreams or even flashes of words in my mind that develops into the idea.

 Muse: Because then they’ll lock you up and what good are you in a strait jacket? You can’t type.

 DMB: So it’s all about you.

 Muse: You bet it is. Now finish this post, say goodbye to your friends and get back to work.

 DMB: Yes ma’am.

 There you have it. And, now you know who the boss of me is. (Sorry, hubs…)

 ~ Dawn


Today’s post was inspired by Forward Motion’s Merry-Go-Round August topic ‘Self Interviews’. If you want to get to know nearly twenty other writers and read about their ideas on Cross-Genre Fiction, then check out the Merry-Go-Round Blog Tour.   The next Merry Go Round writer is Bonnie. She’ll be posting her take on this same topic on the 5th for your reading pleasure.



5 responses to “Meet My Muse

  1. Two posts in a day? What??

    You made me laugh. 🙂

  2. Just to be clear: was is the post that made you laugh or posting twice in a day? 🙂 JK.

    I did my monthly post late, and then I’m on schedule for the MGR post. Figure I’d save everyone a trip back….

  3. Good luck with the new idea for WotF! Love your Muse — she sounds a little less intense than mine. Reminds me a little of the fairy godmother in Maid to Order.

  4. This post made me smile. I would love to read a story about a muse causing a train wreck while her writer is off looking for her.

  5. Thanks erin. Thinks D.

    Hopefully, you will both be reading these soon. In the meantime, I will be working on my broken hand.

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