Worldbuilding Holidays

Coming off of Erin’s post, I have to smile at how even like-minded people can interpret themes differently. Upon reading this month’s theme, I associated holidays with writing through world-building.

Holidays are a critical check in your world-building if you’re looking to ensure your world is round and diverse.  I first look at real holidays and consider their sources, whether religious, cultural, or governmental. I also consider that each of these holidays has someone, whether culture or political group, has a reason to oppose it. It enriches the world-building beyond simply celebrating a holiday. There’s more to life than food and parties, though it’s a dreary existence without anything to celebrate.

If you want to know more about world building holidays for your fiction writing, check out these links:

Creating Fictional Holidays – by Robert A. Sloan

Holidays in Hell and Other Delights: A Workshop – by Holly Lisle

Lifeday – Writing Excuses


Happy Holidays, whichever ones you celebrate.

~ Dawn

Today’s post was inspired by Forward Motion’s Merry-Go-Round August topic ‘Holidays’. If you want to get to know nearly twenty other writers and read about their ideas on Cross-Genre Fiction, then check out the Merry-Go-Round Blog Tour.   The next Merry Go Round writer is Bonnie. She’ll be posting her take on this same topic on the 5th for your reading pleasure.


2 responses to “Worldbuilding Holidays

  1. This made me realize that I don’t think I’ve ever included a holiday in my fiction. It would be helpful in a lot of ways. Thanks!

  2. The links turned out to be very helpful – thank you very much for them.

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