Busy Busy Bee

I’ve been quiet across all my writing communities and blog following. I’ve been fighting for writing time and so am limiting other things here and there. I’m also trying very hard to NOT get sick this week as I’m scheduled for my FLU shot tomorrow.ย  The good news, is that I’ve been winning the time battle.

I’m revising my SF that’s scheduled to eventually go to WOTF. I had my good friend critique it for me, brainstormed with someone else, and now I’ve got a plan in place to fix it. I’m adding science, changing scenes, but keeping its heart. I’m just growing the world a bit.

I’ve also been brainstorming on my entries for the Parsec Short Story Contest. I have two stories that’ll suit it, both being the right length, but both are out to other contests at the moment. If they don’t win, they’ll go in for Parsec. I wrote two stories to the theme, but neither worked out well for the theme, though the stories came out quite satisfactory. I’m trying to write one more, and I’ve been working on the concept for a few weeks, as I’d really like the theme to work. I plotted it out this morning, even came up with some science to make it more realistic. It’s been fun! I’ll start writing it tomorrow.

The other black hole in my time is short story reading and critiquing. I’ve been devouring the WOTF anthologies, and I’ve been critting 2 – 3 stories a week on OWW. I’m about 16 crits away from receiving my first Bee. (It’s a little icon that indicates I’ve given 50 crits in the workshop; 2nd Bee is 150, 3rd Bee is 350). It’d be neat to reach the third.While it’s fun to work toward that, it isn’t the source of my motivation. I feel like my muse is hungry.

Hungry.ย  Like she’s trying to absorb something new, or puzzle out something we haven’t developed fully. It’s been a long time since I’ve had any serious revelations. I’m not exactly expecting a revelation after this passes, it’s more like, something inside me is growing. (Which coming from a SF writer, shouldn’t be taken too literally). Still, it’s a good feeling. I haven’t had any publication success lately, though I’m cheering on all my friends who are, so it’s nice to feel like I am accomplishing something.

Here’s to growth!

Happy Writing,




8 responses to “Busy Busy Bee

  1. Should “something growing inside you” be taken literally as a mother? Is another one on the way??? (hee hee)

    I’m glad you’re having so much success. My time still seems to come in brief binges and purges, though for the last two days both my boys have napped at the same time, and that is AWESOME for writing. Best of continued luck!

  2. Sounds like you’re definitely accomplishing things!

  3. Sounds like you’re being very productive. Good reason to be quiet.

  4. Wow, what a long list of things to do! Busy is stressful, but good. Way to stay productive!

    • Thanks.

      Btw awesome post on KD’s WOTF boards. I tried to follow it up with something, but I couldn’t come up with anything that wouldn’t make me look like a copy cat. Thanks for a LOL moment. ๐Ÿ˜€

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