I Want To Do It All

This is a feeling that’s followed me my entire life. I remember in high school signing up for too many extra curriculr and cutting back, then doing the same thing, and then taking on college classes.  I do it in my adult life too, and it revolves around being a mom and a person with a full personal agenda. Lots of people do it, right?

I’ve decided it’s okay to WANT to do it all. I just need to rein that in. Choose a primary and a secondary goal, and forge ahead.

This week, in testing out my new strategy: I’m going to make the novel my primary focus, and I’ve selected a short story (flash) to revise for my secondary goal. I’ve used this in planning my fitness for the week as well. The cardio is my primary focus – getting up at 5 to either bike or ride (depending on the weather, but the intention is to alternate the activity from day to day), and the secondary will be a brief dumb bell workout in the evening.

This brings me back to my focus word for the year: INTENSITY. I’ve intensely pushed for my writing, but struggled with too many choices, too many obstacles, too many other priorities.  Well, it’s June. This is my half-year check, and the intensity has not obeyed my utmost intentions. This primary/secondary idea should fix that. A person cannot be intense about something if they’re dividing up their time and energy into too many projects.

This is me, reinventing myself. Nice to meet you.


One response to “I Want To Do It All

  1. You mean I can’t do it all *AND* do it now? *sigh*

    Good luck with your intensity. 😀

    (Ack! Why can’t there be a standard for commenting. Some want name first, some e-mail. Why can’t they all be the same?)

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