Words On My Novel

I know, I’m posting like crazy all of a sudden. I have things to share, and possibly, some people to read them.  Why wait to share good news? The novel is alive. I got a scene in over lunch. I had to delete its previous existance because it was so horribly wrong from where it needed to go. The scene was short. I’ll probably expand it in the rewrite, but not too much – there are tables turning. Chaos ensues as everyone who thinks they’re in charge gets shown they aren’t, and those that weren’t, well, the new changes aren’t as fun and pleasant as they thought they would be.

And best of all, I remembered the fun I have figuring out these puzzles. I also recall the obsession. I could use tonight’s crit session to write another scene. Or, I could stick to the plan and do the crit. Decisions decisions!


2 responses to “Words On My Novel

  1. Nice. I abandoned doing critiques (namely for the Critters workshop; I’ll still do them for friends who ask) because I became constantly obsessed with my own work. Possibly narcissistic? Or possibly… awesome?

  2. Critiquing requires a delicate balance. 🙂

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