Jumpstarting The Novel

I refuse to give up on this novel, which is why I’m rereading what I’ve already written, and outlined the next few scenes in greater detail. I’m confused about what I’ve done with/to one of the bad guys, and I’m sorting that out at the moment. I’m not going to spend any more time than rereading requires though; I have a feeling I’ll be paring down the number of characters in the rewrite. 

I’m glad to be back into this project. I’ve missed novel writing. I’m really trying to develop a system to get multiple projects moving simultaneously. It’s always been a weakness of mine to hyperfocus on one project and stay on it until it’s done. Of course it’s good the project gets done, but if I ever get a chance to do this for a living, I’ll need to be able to balance multiple projects. I might have multiple contracts, or have my “work” writing and my “fun” writing.

Multitasking is good. I’ll get better at it.

In the meantime, I’m reading the novel so I don’t have to remember that the VP deadline passed a few days ago, and keep myself out of my mailbox and into my writing. 😉 I’ll find out eventually if I’ve been selected or not. At this point, my attention to it really doesn’t matter. (Or so I keep telling myself!)

Happy Writing!


3 responses to “Jumpstarting The Novel

  1. I just started a rewrite of a novel I wrote last fall. I wish I had taken some notes back then! It’s a pain when I start to change a scene, then realize what I was doing, then have to un-change it. Oh, well… persevere, we must.

  2. I’m trying to multitask as well – plan one novel in the morning (starting tomorrow), revise another in the evenings and weekends, plus write and revise short stories (usually on weekends, though they tend to take over evenings for a week or two every quarter). I have a lunch slot as well, but right now I’m not sure what to put in it – either planning the novel or the next short story.

    Giving different projects defined times makes it easier for me to focus on them.

  3. Ben: it’s the sweat part of our passion. It isn’t all fun, but it’s neccesary. I do have notes, btw, but not that include this. I’m all about notes. It’s just impossible to get everything.

    Elizabeth: Good luck with that. It sounds like something I keep trying to make work. I just need to rein my brain in tigher – I hope you have better luck than I’ve had. And, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you for VP. It’d be super cool if we both were accepted.)

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