April Results + May Goals

 I’m beginning to see that the work focus isn’t a temporary thing. It’s been like this since August and hasn’t let up in the least. It’s good for my career and good for my family in the long run, but I have to become even more disciplined in how I use my time (and what I use it for) if I want my writing to evolve.

 I didn’t get to the novel at all, which is disappointing. I didn’t crit at all either, though I did just yesterday select a few chapters to critique this coming week. And then there’s Alex’s novel, which I’ll be getting to as well.

 It’s also May, which means it’s time for the Story A Day challenge.  I’d love to try the insane level one time and actually write a story every day in May, but considering I have to prep for my daughter’s birthday party next month, hubby’s birthday, mother’s day, my birthday, my sister’s birthday, and I’m sure I’m forgetting something else right now, but you get the drift. May also means I start back on my 4am writing time frequently. I’ve discovered it works best May – October and I let it go during the winter. 

 I also bought a bike, which is going to make exercise that much more enjoyable for the next six months.

April Reults:

  •  Short Stories Written: 2 flash
  • Short Stories Revised: 1 short story
  • Short Stories Submitted: 1 new and 4 resubmissions
  • Rejections:  4
  • Crits:  0
  • Read: 2 audio novels, plus picking my way through some anthologies and a Scalzi novel

 May Goals

I’m going to be selfish this month.

  • Short Stories: 15
  • Revisions: 3 (three submission deadlines; 2 of 5/07 and 1 on 5/13)
  • Novel: one hour daily, Monday through Friday. (AM session)
  • Critiques: Novel Crit for Alex, plus chapter crits for OWW

 Maybe it’s insane, but I like insane, and spring–real spring–gives me my jive back. I’m aiming for the 15 short stories (one every two days) and I’ll probably end up with half that if I really want to realistic, but hell, I’ve got to try!


4 responses to “April Results + May Goals

  1. Wow, a story a day? That’s not something I have any desire to do, but even if I did, May would never work. I, too, have half-a-million birthdays/other events at this time. We specifically aimed for June as the earliest time to have this baby.

    Good luck with the 4am writing! The only time I’m ever up at that hour is if I’m still up.

    Spring, for me, tends to make me feel less productive–mainly because the outdoors beckon, and I’m tempted to spend naptime fixing up my garden instead of writing.

    Good luck in May!

  2. Well, we don’t all do a story every day, though a few people do. The most I ever managed was 10 one May. Most times, I only get 3 or 4. And they’re written off of prompts so it kind of directs your brain a little. It’s fantastic fun.

    I can see how gardening takes so much time – I cna’t do it, and I think that’s why I fail at it. I have great respect for those who can make the green grow. 🙂

  3. If you don’t try, you don’t succeed. Good luck.

  4. Exactly, Cate! Thanks for visiting.

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