Clarion Write A Thon 2011 – Details

I was writing for years before I knew about Clarion. It’s an incredible opportunity for those who can write well enough, and those who can afford it. I’m already preparing my speech to my boss about why I’ll need (hopefully!) to take a six week vacation from work. Clarion is a boot camp of sorts for genre writers, and while it’s not the only way to succeed, it’s a hell of a way to start.

The list of past instructors is astounding. George R.R. Martin, Elizabeth Hand, Neil Gaiman, Holly Black, Gregory Frost. This year, the students will learn under John Scalzi, Elizabeth Bear, and many others.

I don’t have the time and money just yet to apply. And the skill? You know I’m working on that. I haven’t applied for the workshop yet. Maybe in 2012 or 2013. Soon. In the meantime, I’m writing and learning on my own as best I can.

In the meantime, we can support something special.

My goal for the marathon is to write one story per week, in imitation of the actual workshop. I understand that are going to be challenges associated with the Write-A-Thon. I’ll try to use those toward the short story writing. I’ll post my progress here.

And I’m giving up lunch three days one week to pledge a small amount to another writer. If you’re one of my writing buddies and you’re signing up too, let me know. The first one to post such will be the writer I sponsor.

Here’s the thing… I love reading. I love the fantasy movies that are becoming more common. These writers start as normal people. People like me who obsess over their imaginations. Even if I don’t get to go, then I get to help someone who can potentially be my next favorite author. 🙂

Happy Writing, Happy Reading. And if you’re going to sponsor me, thank you.

Pledges can be made here:  —-> Dawn Hebein <—-

~ Dawn


2 responses to “Clarion Write A Thon 2011 – Details

  1. CONGRATS on reaching your Write1Sub1 goals this month! Perhaps you should switch to the weekly challenge? =]

  2. Thanks Milo. I haven’t been productive enough to hit the weekly output. I did think about it at the beginning though, and it’s the reason I gave myself the monthly x2 push.

    The submission angle is the big push for the challenge. I like to get new things out. It’s easy enough to keep stuff out once it’s there, so I’ve tried not to rely on those for my submission counts.

    I’m just hard on myself. 🙂 Someone has to do it, and I’d rather it be me!

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