Bordering on Insanity

I like deadlines. They help me achieve things that seem impossible, and would be, without the drive to make that date. It’s one reason why I’ve promised myself to enter the Writers of the Future contest every quarter. It’s why I look for anthologies to submit my stories. It’s a solid push rather than simply “when it gets done”.

This week though, I’m pushing it. The job, the sickness, etc isn’t an excuse, but let’s face it, there is life beyond writing as much as I try to deny it. Everything in moderation, I say, except for writing. The vast amount of not writing weighed on me for a long time, and getting my submission done last week for the Triangulation anthology really lifted my spirits. It’s the reason I think I can make my Thursday deadline.

However, the story that is closest to ready is a 6k story that really needs to be rewritten. I’ve outlined it for it’s old and new form, identified what needs to be dropped or changed (big concepts, not little things) and in the morning, I start diving in.

I don’t know if I can do this, and even if it means I’m submitting 15 minutes before the deadline, I’m sure as hell going to try. The key, I believe, is hitting the story concepts and plot points. Getting the characters right. Rewriting instead of revising will iron out the writing to my current skill level (the story is years and years old). This can work. And if I want to dream big, I’ll have all of Thursday to revise the version I’m writing Monday through Wednesday.

Sometimes, it’s downright fun being crazy.


10 responses to “Bordering on Insanity

  1. You can do it! A little crazy is fun–just remember to keep your craziness in moderation too.

  2. Super secret: I love the deadlines too! I’m thinking of trying to keep to WotF deadlines even after I pro out, as a motivator to finish short stories. Good luck!

  3. Thanks Eileen. 🙂

    Gwen, that sounds like a great plan. Exciting words, pro out. 😀

  4. I echo Eileen: You can do it! Go! Go!

    No pressure… 🙂

  5. Hey. Just stopping by from the Write 1, Sub 1 blog to say hi! Keep up the good work. 🙂

  6. Thanks Samuel, Marina, and AG! 🙂

    PS I made my deadline. 😀

  7. Triangulation, eh? Me too! (My second for “Last Contact”, since my first was rejected.) Maybe we’ll share a TOC. =]

  8. That’d be cool. They really do choose some interesting themes, don’t they? I’m still reading End of the Rainbow, enjoying one delicious story at a time. 🙂 I love anthologies.

  9. I’m too late to say good luck, but I hope you made it!

    Without the quarterly deadline, I’d write much fewer short stories.

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