Yes I’m Still Here

I’d planned so much writing related content this year for this blog, and it hasn’t happened. It’s been a miserable year for writing to this point, but that has to break. There are two reasons for this thought.

First, I’m a firm believer in “we’re given what we can handle”. I can’t handle NOT writing. I have this THING I can do, do well even, and that I love doing. Why would this have been given to me without the ability to use it? Then there’s the thought that if things keep going at this pace (the sickness, the work projects, other stuff on my mind), I’m going to go stark raving mad. I don’t think that’s the path meant for me, or it would have happened years ago.

So, February sucked. March sucked. Well, we still have two weeks to go, so maybe I can salvage something. My story that made semi-finalist for WOTF can be tweaked rather easily to fit the Triangulation theme this year. In all honesty, it makes the story stronger, so it’s good. I just need a waking brain to sit down and revise with.  I’m going to do this. I’ve already scheduled a day off from work after one of the big projects is done with, so that’ll give me a full 48 hours (well 40 if you count that I have to work on the 31st) to get this story plus another one revised before the 3/31 deadline for both Triangulation and WOTF. The Triangulation story will be easy, I think. The WOTF story, not so much. But I have to try.

I seem to do well under pressure (perhaps why all these work projects were thrown my way?), so we’ll have to just get it done. I have one more work task to do before I can get my afternoon writing sessions back. That’s an hour at the library before I pick up the kids from daycare. I can do a lot with an hour.

Thanks for checking in, and thanks for the good thoughts. I’ve been pretty bad at following up on my writing buddies this month too, so hopefully I’ll catch up with your posts soon. First, I need to meet my deadlines.

(And then there’s the PARSEC contest 4/15… if that’s even still on? Time to research that one.)


5 responses to “Yes I’m Still Here

  1. Nothing like deadlines to spark creativity… or panic 🙂

    I hope things can calm down for you once you finish these projects. Good luck, and don’t give up!

  2. Good luck with the deadlines. I hope April is calmer for you.

  3. Good luck, Dawn. For some deadlines are wonderful things to get them motivated.

  4. There should’ve been a comma in that sentence for it to make sense. Heh. I’m just getting to my coffee.

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