February Update / March Goals

Bad February, bad dog!

Murphy reared its ugly head all through February. The kids were sick the entire month, going from illness to illness, child to parent, etc, and work exploded in projects and the like. I attempted to write, and did somewhat, but nothing made it to completion. I did some reading, but mostly I did my best to say sane. And that’s okay. I’m scaling down my March goals because work isn’t letting up. Honestly, it probably won’t for a good six months, at least. Which means I need to rework my methods so I can get projects through to completion.

February Results:

  • Short stories: one partially written, one partially revised.
  • Novel: total fail.
  • Children’s stories: total fail.
  • Rejections: 3
  • Resubmissions: 2
  • Reading: The Wedding, by Nicholas Sparks + I scoured the Writers Digest Handbook of Short Story Writing

 March Goals

  • Short Story Writing: 1.5 (complete the one in progress + write a new one)
  • Short Story Revising: 2 (deadlines for WOTF and Triangulation are close)
  • Crits: No need to go overboard, but I belong to two crit groups and I’m not carrying my weight. One or two for each would be nice.

 I’m also starting a running program with a friend. I’m a firm believer in body/mind alignment, and if one is out of shape, the other isn’t far behind.  It’s time to start thinking about the girl’s next birthday and plan the big bash (she’s turning 5). So much to do.. and I’m already late getting started. Happy March!


2 responses to “February Update / March Goals

  1. There’s always the next month. Staying sane is a very good thing. Have fun with the kiddo’s birthday!

  2. Good luck with the goals! Running is a great idea-percolation time for me.

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