Google Reader

I’ve been trying out Google Reader and I have to say I like it. I’ve always used my blog for maintaining lists of blogs I like to read, but since I moved to wordpress, I found it rather difficult to manage in the format that I like (which included updates and titles). So I bumped into Google Reader by accident.

I put a few up there, tried it for a few days and asked some friends if it was known for any glitches. It seems mostly dependable, so I’m taking the plunge. I moved all the blogs off my page here to Google. It’s faster, and more efficient use of my time. I try to support my fellow writers, learn from published authors, catch hints from editors, and follow market updates. I went from having a list on my blog, plus a list in a folder, plus links on my action bar… to having it all in one place.

Did I say it lets me put links in folders? I can view by category, I can view by new.

I can read more in the time I have, and spend less time catching up on blogs and more time catching up on my novel.

I fear I’m hideously behind the times discovering this. 🙂 Or maybe I’m safely within the realm of normal-time discovery. Meaning: I desperately need my weekend, and I feel a science fiction story coming on…


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