Week One: Success

I spent two days on the novel, which needs to be increased of course, but on the short story front, I surpassed my expectations. I wrote a 4k story, revised, and submitted it. It’s rare I submit the same week, but it felt right. I had my husband read it over before I sent it, to make sure nothing strange slipped by me. He suggested one major correction, and off it went.

And for my next trick: I’ll be revising a science fiction story about a telepathic society while actually writing more than 500 words a week on my novel. 😛


6 responses to “Week One: Success

  1. Nice! That’s the way to do it.

  2. Looks like you had a very productive week. Way to start the new year!

  3. Awesome! Good luck keeping it up. Get that novel finished! (Go! Go! Go!!)

  4. Thanks guys and gal. 🙂 Week two is starting out with challenges, but I think that’s temporary.

  5. All in one week? I’m in awe. I hope that didn’t come out sarcastic because really I am impressed. That’s fantastic, Dawn. Good luck.

  6. It worked for this one, but it won’t for all of them. The revision I’m working on now was originally drafted in December, and needs a bit of an overhaul. The other one, I stewed on forever, and when it finally came out, did so mostly whole. Not sure how or why, because this week’s reivsion – the idea is just as old, or um “fermented”. I go with what I can. 😀

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