Answers and More Questions

I feel like I’m in my own personal LOST. I picked up Forgotten Star again and started the first How To Revise Your Novel lesson, but it only left me bewildered. Not the lesson; my manuscript. Six months ago, it stopped me in my tracks. Two years ago, it stopped me in my tracks. Some crazy form of hell removed the paragraph marks from the 400 page manuscript in a very nonconsistent manner. I used find/replace to fix what I could, but now it’s beyond help. I need to just put the story in a new Word file. The errors all copy over no matter what I do. So I have to retype this beast.


Good thing I type fast.  I need to keep up with my other projects, so if I aim for 10 pages a day, it’ll take me about a month. I guess the revision is waiting one more month.

Might as well get to it.


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