May Results / June Goals

May Results

 May had some mixed results, some complications including work stuff, sick baby, me being sick, me playing single-mom for a week, packing up hubby and daughter for their vacation, etc, but I still had a better May than in years where I didn’t have children to worry about. Even though these results fell short of my intentions, I consider it satisfactory.

 * Short Stories Revised — 2

* Short Stories Written (SAD) — 3 (with 3 other ideas in progress/planning)

* Shadow of Blood novel writing — under 1k, but it’s a start

* Forgotten Star revision / HTRYN lesson 1 — started, but dealing with complications

* Critiques — 5 (also joined OWW)

* Submission — 2 new submissions + 6 resubmissions


 Lots going on, including planning and hosting the four year old’s birthday party; family stuff; work stuff, etc. I’m planning on becoming more diligent about the writing schedule, which has been sporadic and I believe the reason it isn’t working as well as it has been.


* Forgotten Star retype (current document nightmare to read due to document errors; this is the only way I can move forward with the revision)

* Short Story Revisions (hoping for 4, with two ready for submission)

* Shadow of Blood (2500w weekly)

* Crits – 4

 And for some nonwriting fun, I need to force the fitness routine again. 4x weekly is the goal (M, T, W, and Sat)


2 responses to “May Results / June Goals

  1. OWW can be great, I found it pretty useful for the two years I was a member. I didn’tt generally get a ton of critiques (3-5 per story), but those I did get were usually well thought-out.

    Good luck with your June goals 🙂

    • Hi Izanobu 🙂 and thanks. It’s going well so far. I especially like the angle where I read someone else’s story and think that I can’t possibly crit it because it’s so good, then two days later I’ve torn it apart.

      I’m doing everything I can do get to where I want to be.

      Thanks for stopping by. 😀

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