April Results / May Goals

April had some bumps, but it also had some highlights.

April Results

* new short story written, revised twice, and submitted for parsec contest

* shadow of blood reread and worldbuilding progressed (did not start rewriting the draft yet though)

* nighthunter’s bite revised to about 80%. needs another pass before ready for submission.

* nonwriting: managed to fit fitness back into my schedule (unfortunately at the expense of some writing time), got a new computer (yay laptop!) and spent a few days prepping for a road trip that never happened.

May Goals

* two short story revisions

* May Story A Day – I’m aiming for 10 but secretly hoping and trying for more. (maybe not so secretly then); it’s going to be tough using only lunch tme writng and afternoon writing time. we’ll just have to see.

* Shadow of Blood – start the draft already (using the AM writing sessions for this)

* Prep Forgotten Star for revision and HTRYN, which will probably be more toward month end once the short story writing/revision slows.

editing to adjust slightly: dropping to one short story revision which must be done before I do any SAD work since it’s a submission with a deadline; only going to maintain two simultaneous projects at once, that being the novel (shadow) and whatever short story needs my attention at the time), otherwise I’m too split and not getting anything done.


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