story a day challenge

The deadline for the anthology isn’t until mid-May, but I like to participate in the Story A Day challenge as often as I can. Some of my best stories have come from this challenge. Plus this particular challenge gave me the boost I needed to figure out how to write those stories. I’ve come a long way. I’ve even learned how to revise. ;D

Speaking of revision, I need to work on Nighthunter like a madwoman and get it done so it’ll be ready for Sword & Sorceress. My personal goal was to submit by 4/30. I’m sticking to it. Tonight, I’m staying up late, thunderstorms be damned: I Has Laptop.

Tonight: Reivion

Tomorrow: Reivion

Saturday: Crazy Short Story Ride

Will you Story A Day?


6 responses to “story a day challenge

  1. I’m participating this year.

  2. How’re you doing so far, Aaron? And are you going through the story a day site? There are a few versions around. The one at suits me best. All this story writing is just too much fun.

    Happy Writing!

  3. No assumption needed. 😉 I’ve been bombarded by Real Life (TM) but I’m slowly working my way through story #3, an idea I had some time ago I’m finally putting to words.

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