March Progress / April Goals

March was amazing. I figured out the writing schedule and I got my goals done. Of course, I did revamp mid-month, but that’s par for me and goals. Goals are guidelines and I tweak them in order to get stuff done. I have more deadlines in April, but they are spaced out, thankfully.

March results:

  • Viable Paradise application and submission story
  • Rise of the Tiger Princess: drafted, revised twice, submitted
  • The Lonely Orchard: revised and submitted
  • Watering the Black Violas: revised
  • Shadow of Blood: rereading novel-in-progress

April Goals:

  • Watering the Black Violas: revise and submit by 4/15
  • Nighthunter’s Bite: revise and submit by 4/30
  • Shadow of Blood: read, review world notes, complete neccessary worldbuilding, and continue the writing at 500 words daily for a weekly goal of 2,500 words. Estimated completion date is July.

2 responses to “March Progress / April Goals

  1. YAY! for an amazing month … good luck with the submissions.

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