There hasn’t been a lot going on writing-wise, but I’ve been busy. Treischan Strength was rejected, and I’ve resubmitted it to an anthology. I signed up for Holly Lisle’s Think Sideways course, which runs a year long, so the child issues that are due to come up soon shouldn’t affect it. And, I read S.L. Viehl’s Omega Games, and am slightly afraid of what she intends for the end of the series. The main character received some advice from a new friend on how to handle her current family issue, which is pretty much an issue that’s run the course of the series. If she follows his advice, the series is going to end on a sad note, and I hope it doesn’t. I can only wait and see, now.

Evenings have been useless for writing, so I’m back to lunch break writing for a few weeks. Progress will be slow, but if there IS any progress, I will be happy!


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