It’s been an interesting week. I’ve been going to bed at 8:30 several nights in a row, which isn’t even enough time to check on laundry progress after the two year old goes nighty-night. I need it, so no complaints. I feel more clear headed, and I’m using my lunches at work for various writing tasks. I’ve been reading, too. In the evenings, I read a bit of Hunting the Hunter before bed, and I’ve also started Neil Gaiman’s American Gods at a doctor’s appointment. The Think-Sideways assignments are waiting for me, but I just haven’t had a spare ten minutes times three or four to work on the freewriting.

Today’s task is to work more on Nighthunter’s Bite. I’d like to complete the story soon, and get back to editing. I’m really in edit-mode which is making the writing difficult. Sunguard needs my attention. Someone’s been hinting to me that it could be more than just a short story, but I need the short story done before I think any further on it. There are two anthologies I think Sunguard will fit fairly well, but deadlines swoop in when the work’s not getting done.

So many things to write and edit, and so little time . . .


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