I’ve been working on multiple things since Sunday, not really getting too far with any of them. On the other hand, I’ve managed to regain control over the day-job workflow, and I think that (and the two year old) have consumed most of my energy. Oh, and the growing one, too. (Pats tummy).

Something drastic has to happen to Sunguard. I’m playing with the different scenes, but I still don’t have the right combination. The story concept is right, the characters are right, even the viewpoint is right, but it’s the sequence of presenting the events that’s bothering me. Backstory is fine, but in a short story, an entire page of backstory is too much. I generally try to avoid flashbacks unless the story truly needs it. This story either needs the flashback (groan) or I need to start earlier. But that means dragging my readers through an event akin to a meteor shower and hitting those same people once a month for three to four months. I think that’ll kill the interest in the character. Those events, those changes, lead to what Ashelle is dealing with now. I think the event isn’t so much the “meteor shower” but Ashelle’s interpretation of it. I don’t like my options right now. I feel like there’s another option, but at the moment, I can’t identify it. I’ll keep playing with it, I guess. It’ll hit me eventually.


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