Market Research

I used my lunchbreak to do some market research, focusing on anthologies this time. None of the listings on really jumped out at my before, but I wanted to give myself a second chance. I looked at the themes based on what I’ve already written and what I’d like to write, but this time, I really looked at the themes.

I selected two based on partial writings I have saved. There’s a celtic anthology that I can use to help complete Nighthunter’s Bite, which I’ve been stumped on forever. There’s another one that didn’t have the theme listed on Ralan’s site, but which I discovered on the direct website specifying “radio” and “alternate worlds”. It reminded me of a scene I wrote for an exercise a few weeks ago, a scene I can now morph into a story. Both have December deadlines, so I have enough time to write the first drafts and edit them to my heart’s content.

My only fear with anthologies, is that everyone else will be writing these themed stories, and if mine doesn’t get accepted, then all those people will be sending their stories to the same markets as I will be. I suppose I can always tweak them to be different so they don’t look like antho-rejects. . .

That’s a lot to be worried about without the stories being written though, so I’ll add these little projects onto my August and September plans. Wish me luck!


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