June Results, July Goals

I know we have one more day left in June, but there’s no time in my schedule for writing tomorrow, so my June 2008 writing is as complete as it will ever be.

All in all, the month went quite well. The writing didn’t quite go in the places I decided exactly, but the amount of writing I did balanced out very well. My goals were to edit 1 – 2, of which I edited Treischan Strength twice, and am in the progress of editing two more. I wanted to write 2 short stories, and wrote 1 (Eve), with another one moving forward (Once A Thief). I took part in FM’s Emotion’s workshop, and signed up for an online advanced fiction writing class of which I already completed (or at least, turned in) the first assignment.

I’m stepping up July goals as my system seems to be working, but keeping each goal “area” light, so I don’t overhwelm myself with one task. This’ll allow me to be flexible in what I do, and where it can be done. I tried to leave some “extra” time in there, to deal with any inspiration that tends to hit me when my muse is tied up in multiple projects. The most exciting thing is getting Treischan Strength submitted. A new submission — yeah!!

My July goals are:
* New Submission: 1 (Treischan)
* Short Story Edits: 2 (Orchard, Sunguard)
* Short Story Writing: 1 (Thief)
* Crits: 2 (these are good for me!!!!!)
* Adv Fiction Class: 1 lesson
* FM Dialogue Workshop
* Reading: Tinker

Last year, I burned myself out by piling on too much work, specifically crits. When those pile up, I get stressed out. I also tend to take on too many “big” projects when I don’t have the time or energy for it. Sticking with the small ones – short storying writing and editing – should fix that.

I intend to keep my writing active through July and push into August. I want to break the cycle of hope/failure I’ve created for myself in the past. Now is the time. I’m going to do it.


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