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Moving Forward

I reread my edits to Sunguard, and between my own observations and a first reader, I made some notes for the next edit pass. I moved on to Eve, which has a good foundation in conflict and emotion, but I need to add some description which is sorely lacking. I think it’s one of the reasons I tend to write more fantasy than science fiction, I have more to play with regarding description and environment. But who am I to back down from a challenge! I’ll keep you posted.


Short Story: Eve

Eve is complete now at 1500 words. This SF story was inspired by my own pregnancy research. (I’ve been contemplating an article on birth methods and the riding trend of repeat c-sections vs VBAC). There has been a growing trend and comfort with the “ease” of births via c-section. While I believe it’s warranted in some cases, I was almost a victim of “let’s just do that again, it’s easier”. Maybe in some respects it is, and while I’m not guaranteed a surgery-free birth for this child, it made me think about the future and the “ease” of childbirty via surgery. What if future technology removed the risks of surgery and this became THE way to birth children?

And this is what Jessica fights in “Eve”. Space dwellers on a science ship, the course of her pregnancy is determined by Medbots until Jessica takes things into her own hands.