January Writing

The new year always starts hard and fast and this January was no exception. Writing, work, weather, it’s all extreme these days. But then, I ask myself, if you’re going to do something, why not do it all the way? 110%. 200%. Why not?

So here’s January in a nutshell:

  • 4 new short stories written
  • 7 revision passes
  • 3 new submissions + 20 resubmissions
  • 16 rejections
  • 1 novel critique (nearly complete)

In addition to this business, the editors at Stupefying Stories have put together an anthology listing authors who are eligible for the Campbell Award. Eligibility is trigged by a first professional publication, and eligibility is for two calendar years. I have a story in this anthology for my Nature publication of How Cherry Coke Saved My Life. There are tons of amazing stories in this anthology. The best part? It’s free. But it won’t be available for long.

I suggest downloading the anthology and reading some pretty awesome fiction. 2014 Campbellian Anthology.



4 responses to “January Writing

  1. Go Dawn! That’s an awesome January! I wish I could be even half as productive 😉 Hoping that Feb is just as good.

  2. That’s a beautiful start to the year! Best of luck with the submissions, and I hope the rest of your year is as productive.

  3. Thanks ladies! And I just got another rejction so that’s 17 and 21. makes me want to go play some blackjack.

  4. That’s definitely at 200%. Good luck with the submissions and congrats on the pub.

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