2013 Accomplishments + 2014 Goals

2013 started in a darker place for me than I care to admit, but I threw myself into writing. I started karate with my daughter and lost my afternoon writing session, and signed on as a slush reader at Waylines. My new submissions fell short of expectation, but my focus on improvement made me really think about sending out new stories too quickly. Two stories were accepted and published this year. The novel progressed but isn’t yet finished.

  •  Short Story Writing: 23
  • Short Story Edits:  28
  • Short Story Submissions: 80 (including 6 new submissions)
  • Rejections:  74
  • Crits: 21
  • Book Reading: 17



On a personal note, I’ve learned I can lose the weight when I put my mind to it. Karate has become important to me but it’s still difficult to fit everything I want into my day, but I do my best. Better planning will help the fitness and weight loss without having to give up writing. I’ve known this next bit, but I have my friends (real life + online friends) to thank for supporting me. I hope I’ve made it a two way relationship for you folks. I appreciate you, and I’m going to get better at letting you know that.


2014 is going to be a challenge. Waylines work is continuing, karate has moved into year two, and my son will be starting kindergarten in the fall. Busy as always it seems, but that’s good. My focus this year is on specific areas of writing: description and voice.  I’ll be participating in writing challenges via Codex, FM Writers, Liberty Hall, and Write1Sub1.


  • Short Story Writing: 52 (include flash fiction)
  • Short Story Edits: 52
  • Novella Writing: 2
  • Novella Edits: 2
  • Novel: Winter Warrior (54k)
  • New Submissions: 24
  • Crits: 25
  • Book Reading:  25

 Looking forward to 2014. Have a wonderful year! I hope you achieve all you want.




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