2011 Results / 2012 Goals

2011 Results

  • Main Goal: Intensity
  • Novel Project: first draft (Shadow of Blood) done 12/30/11
  • Short Story Writing: 16
  • Picture Book Writing: 2
  • Short Story Edits:  18
  • Picture Book Revisions: 1
  • New Submissions: 7
  • Short Story Submissions: 69
  • Crits: 20
  • Book Reading: 25
  • FM SAD Writing Challenge (May) – 3
  • Rejections: 62
  • In Submission: 12

 I’m delighted with my 2011 accomplishments. I balanced my very busy job, family life, and writing, including dealing with injury time when typing was not available to me with both hands. I achieved the intensity I desired. Even on days I didn’t write new words, I did something writing specific and productive.

The biggest thing is that I finished the novel, Shadow of Blood. It needs work, a reasonable assessment since I started it in 2005, dropped it for a pregnancy, dropped it for an injury, and then very nearly dropped it due to another injury. But I went to paper and pen for that segment and got it done. I did not want to stop and start it again. No way.

The next bit I’m happy about is the number of stories I pushed into submissions. I revised  better, so I needed fewer edit passes, and didn’t linger on stories. I even managed an honorable mention from the Writers of the Future contest, and have been shortlisted twice this year for publication. I’m seeing the results of my hard work.

I didn’t do much with my children’s stories. I need to read more chapter books before I really feel comfortable with those, but I’ll get there. I’m getting ideas and jotting them down.

I did a good job critiquing this year, but I’d like it to become more day to day in 2012. It’s helped me a lot, especially trying to analyze stories that felt stronger than mine.

Time to check out the new goals for 2012.

  •  Main Goal: Quality
  • Novel Draft: TBD
  • Novel Revision: Shadow of Blood
  • Short Story Drafts 15
  • Novella Drafts/Conversions 3
  • Short Story/Novella Edits: 26
  • Novella Revision 6
  • New Submissions: 12
  • Short Story Submissions: 75
  • Children’s Stories written: 12
  • Children’s Stories revised: 12
  • Crits: 52
  • Book Reading: 24
  • FM Writing Challenges
  • VP 16 application due June
  • W1S1 Monthly

The goal for this year is quality. I’m not rushing for quantity – I’m trying to get it right early on, using the skills I’ve been developing.

To that end, I’m going to write a new novel and revise the one I’ve just written.

Short stories are continuing with a goal of 15 short stories, 12 picture books, and 3 novellas. The novellas are already in short story form and need expansion/development into their full forms.  Revisions follow that, naturally.

I’ll be attending Chicon7, my first major speculative fiction convention. I’ll be applying to my dream workshop again, this time with the novel instead of short stories in the hopes of actually being accepted.

2012 is going to be huge for me. I can’t wait to see what I can accomplish.

Good luck to you in 2012, whatever your goals and dreams may be.



2 responses to “2011 Results / 2012 Goals

  1. You got a lot done in 2011! I hope 2012 goes even better.

    We’ll have to meet up at Chicon.

  2. Good luck! I’m still figuring mine out. Major Congrats on finishing the novel! Have a Happy New Year!

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