I’ve got about 10% or so left of my novel. I had one bad guy veer off my outline and complicate his story in a way that makes him despise one of the good guys that’ll really screw up the good guys’ plan for escape. It didn’t affect my outline too much, so I kept going with the plan.

Then another character went and did something I hadn’t planned on. Instead of being weak and needing saving by the MC, she went and did something that’ll save the MC’s butt when he really needs it. She stood up for  herself, adding the finality to her story arc. It’s mostly in character for her considering what she’s been through, but it made me realize that despite this novel being too long in the writing (I stated it 5 years ago), it’s got hope. I’m not just writing because i need to cross the “The End” finish line. I’m writing it and I still love the story. It needs massive revi—no, it needs a rewrite. The outline needs a rewrite, mostly because the scenes I’m writing now are more in line with who the characters are. I need to change who they were to better fit into that, and I need to update the writing.

I may not be done before New Year’s Eve like I intended, but that’s okay. The story has life. That’s all that matters.

Happy Writing!

~ Dawn


One response to “Ooooooooh!

  1. Congratulations! I remember how excited and awed I felt as I approached my own finish line last year. Keep having fun!

    (Those pesky characters keep doing things we don’t expect, don’t they?)

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