August Results / September Goals


August went pretty well. I sacrificed the novel for short story work, but that’s fine since I’m taking a week in September and devoting it entirely to the novel.  We’re doing a challenge on FMwriters called Labor of Love. It’s designed to push your wordcount for one week and write toward a goal of 10, 20, or 30k words. I’m aiming for 20, which would require me to write 2500 words daily. My outline is strong and I’m hitting the high tension zone, so I’m anticipating the words will come. I want to finish this novel!

 Aside from failing the novel this past month, I’m happy with my numbers, especially considering we took a few days for a family vacation and dealt with various minor-but-time-consuming medical issues. I made some aggressive goals for September, but I think I can do it. If nothing else, I have to try. 

 The crits, by the way, have to get done. I’ve received some very helpful critiques for my work on OWW, and these kind people are awaiting the return favor. So I’m going to try and hit those early on.

 August Results

  • Novel:  1k written (some by hand)
  • Short Story Drafts: 3 (1 was handwritten while on vacation)
  • Short Story Revisions: 2 complete, 2 more in progress
  • Crits: 4
  • Reading: 1 (+ various short stories)
  • Rejections:  4
  • Submissions: 5 (resubs, including one that had been lost)

 September Goals

  • Novel: 30k to completion; signed up for Labor of Love challenge to max my wordage daily from 9/2 to 9/9. Should get 20k.
  • Short Story Drafts: 2
  • Short Story Revisions: 6 (2 in progress + 4 others)
  • Crits: 8
  • Reading: 2
  • Submissions: 1 for the 9/30 WOTF deadline



8 responses to “August Results / September Goals

  1. Given all that you had going on in August, that looks pretty good to me. Four crits? Very nice!

  2. Hey, congrats on meeting your W1S1 goal! 🙂

  3. Nice work on the short stories. Good luck with the novel in September!

    I’d forgotten you were on the OWW. I dropped it for a few months, recently rejoined, and did the crit marathon in August. I need to keep up some participation there. I’ll look you up while I try to stay active.

  4. Wow, your goals are really inspiring. I love it. They make me think I should be doing more. keep on doing what you’re doing.

  5. Thanks Ladies. 🙂 I’m doing my best.

  6. Just do me a favor and keep wrtinig such trenchant analyses, OK?

  7. LOL It’s what I’m good at. One day my writing shall rival my organizational skills.

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