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Hello friends, it’s been a while. I hope your writing and other passions are going well. I’m busy as always, with increasing demands from the day job (which is a good thing at this point). My daughter started kindergarden this week, my son is progressing successfully with his speech therapy, and the hubby has dreamt up some fitness goals that I fully support and am helping to make realistic for him. It’s good. I’ve even been writing. Slowly, with all this going on, but writing a little at a time eventually adds up.  Would you like to hear about my current projects?

Shadow of Blood – the novel – is continuing very slowly, but it’s still alive. I ended up writing a scene by hand which is good and bad at the same time. (Good because I showed that wave of inspiration who was boss, bad because now I have to decipher my handwriting).

Surrender – SF short story in revision. I need to add two more scenes, then apply edits. Just a few more days (I hope).

Come Back to Me – SF short story in trans-revision. I wrote the first draft by hand, and am currently transcribing it to the computer and revising as I go. I think it came out in great shape, but I have some items to fix and I’m not sure how. The story was inspired by David Cook’s Come Back To Me and the words are important to the story. I have to find a way to rephrase them and still fit the story. (But David sang them so perfectly…*sigh*)

Conduit – this one still wants to be written, I just haven’t given it the time of day (or night). I think I’m missing a critical element to the story, so I need to re-outline what exists and look for the missing puzzle piece.

Etherea In Her Veins – this is my WOTF semi finalist that I broke by revising too many times. I’ve had repeated feedback that this is a longer story that can fit into the confines of short-storyhood, and I’m trying to reoutline it into a novelette/novella.

Kishno’s Journey (working title) – my first published story “Treischan Strength” shows the will of an old treefolk to keep death at bay while he provides strength to his brothers and sisters. In the story, he sent his son Kishno on a mission to deliver their healthy people to a new  home. Instead, Kishno leads the people back to the tainted land, with help in tow. I never detailed what happened to him and the wandering treefolk, but I think it deserves some attention.

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2 responses to “Projects and Thoughts On Writing

  1. Good to see you’re keeping up with the writing. Everything has been busy on my end too, but my self-appointed leave is nearly up. Perhaps I’ll be in the blogosphere again more often, or perhaps not. Good luck!

    And ooh! Kindergarten! How does that feel? I’m looking forward to school (my oldest can’t start preschool until next year) but also thinking I’m not ready for them to grow up. Smile, Mom!

  2. Hi Eileen – I’ve been responding to your blog but forgot you posted over here. 🙂 Kindergarden is awesome, except that she comes home SO cranky. Her brain is growing and she’s lost her nap time, even though she didn’t use it for napping, it was nice to have that quiet time. We moved her bedtime earlier and that seems to help a little. She’s happy, and so am I. I love watching my children become independent. I’m not afraid to watch them grow up – I’m afraid of watching them grow up badly and broken, you know? So that she’s eager for kindergarden and learning to read makes me very proud.

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