June Results / July Goals

June Results

My life is officially chaotic. It shouldn’t be an excuse for not writing, but here I am. Personal life had some fun but busying things: my daughter turned 5, we threw her a party, family came in from out of town, I took my fitness much more seriously (and lost 2 lbs), I’m under the guidance of a mentor at work, we’ve had my son evaluated by several therapists in an attempt to get his speech on track, met multiple times with our case manager, made a plan for his therapy, and I’m still trying to write those thank you notes from the birthday party.  I didn’t accomplish as much as I’d hoped for my writing. I stopped waking early for my AM writing session. I started using lunches for working out. Afternoon writing sessions were lost to the Mom in me, wanting to pick up the kids at 4:30 instead of 6pm. I chose to focus on my family this month. It makes the writer in me antsy, but she’s greedy and will just have to wait for July.


June Results

  • Novel Writing – two scenes (plus I reread the parts already written and updated my outline);
  • Clarion Challenge #1 (based on my novel in progress)
  • Crits – 3 (picking up the pace at OWW)
  • Reading – 3 (audio books; also have 2 paperbacks in progress)
  • Blogging – more regularly, with more writerly content
  • Rejections – 4; Submissions 5

 July Goals:

  • Resume daily writing!
  • Novel: writing (10k) SoB – 500w daily
  • Short Story Drafts x1 (Conduit)
  • Short Story Revision x2 (Etherea/Surrender)
  • Clarion challenges x4
  • Read x2
  • Crits x8
  • New Submissions 1 (7/31 Warrior Wisewoman deadline)

Vacation 7/11-7/14 celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary.

Also: VP declined my application, but a fellow FMer is on the waitlist. I’m crossing my fingers for her, and making my plan for next year’s application.

I need to be both Mom and Writer this month. Some of the issues we’re dealing with should settle down, the exercise is helping me sleep better, and I should be able to start using mornings again for writing. It’s summer, so I’ll probably still pick the kids up early a few days a week, but I’m going to try and squeeze mini sessions in before I get them. Twenty minutes is better than none. On with July.




2 responses to “June Results / July Goals

  1. Good luck with your goals this month!

    I’m impressed that anyone can write with a job and kids. Not sure I could.

  2. Hi Elizabeth. My muse haunts me when I don’t write. If I want to keep my sanity, I have to make time for it. 🙂 Thanks for the luck and for visiting.

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