Clarion Write A Thon – challenge #1 in progress

I’m trying to learn from anywhere I can as I continue my writing journey, which is why I signed up for Clarion’s Write A Thon. I haven’t attended the workshop, though I plan to apply within the next few years. In the meantime, they’re offering free help online via the Write A Thon to raise money supporting the workshop.

The first challenge was the last thing I expected: a look into my novel. The initial questions were easily answered, as I’m halfway through the novel and understand my problem and characters. The last set of questions hit me where it hurts. Reading. The questions center on finding other novels in science fiction and fantasy that hit on the same issues and types of characters.

It would seem my reading is somewhat lacking. So I turn to you, my friends and readers, to see if you can give me any reading suggestions.

My novel, Shadow of Blood, is about a slave trying to free his people from one hundred plus years of slavery. These people are magical, yet do not know it. Their captors have kept this and their past from them. Magic is unlawful, yet there are a few in power who are aware of those cursed with magic and do their best to keep them quiet and well behaved, going so far as to kill the ones who (even unintentionally) become dangerous.

Have you read anything with the concept of magic being unlawful? Or a people who were wrongly enslaved? An antagonist more powerful than even the people he works for, secreting his magic until the time is right…

Any help would be appreciated. In the meantime, I have plans to hit the library tomorrow to search there.

Happy Writings!


2 responses to “Clarion Write A Thon – challenge #1 in progress

  1. Cathy Kosboth

    Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels is a suggestion from Chip.

  2. Ah! I’ve read those. A long, long time ago. I should go dig them up again. Thanks Cathy!

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