Audio Books and Methods of Reading

Reading has taken on many forms lately. I used to read novels as my primary soure of fiction, but that’s changed. I came to realize that my life is too busy for me to sit down and read, unless I ignore my writing or the housework or worse, the kids. I drive to work 4- 5 days a week, which eliminated that as a reading option. Until someone suggested I try audio books.

I’d only “read” an audiobook a few years back, when I had some eye surgery and couldn’t see well enough to read. The book was Envy, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, so when this suggestion was thrown at me, I jumped right in.

Thank goodness for my local library which has quite the selection of audio books. Of the 15 novels I’ve read since January, 9 of them were audio books. I’ve discovered a few quirks, too. I can get used to almost any reading voice, but I can’t seem to listen to fantasy and science fiction. I need to read those myself. It seems not knowing how the made up works are spelled really bother me and distract me from the story. My audio books tend toward romance, suspence, and mainstream.  So it’s been a great way to expand my reading horizons as well.

As a writer, I need to read. It not only inspires me, but reminds me of the little details I enjoy reading that maybe I didn’t think to include in one of my own stories.

The CDs have been bulky in the car, and having to wait for a red light to change discs is sometimes frustrating. (When you WANT the red light, that’s the day the work drive ends in record time due to, you guessed it, the lack of red lights). The next step is downloading audio books to my mp3 player. I have a zune, which won’t play in my car without a special connector which doesn’t work right. When it dies, I might opt for an Ipod instead, since my car actually has a direct connecton for an Ipod.

I’m not sure I’m ready for an e-reader. I played with one while I was at B&N a few weeks back, but I like the feel of paper beneath my fingers. I don’t want to have to stop and worry about charging the thing. (My life has turned into a charging parade: laptop, mp3 player, cell phone, house cell phone, camera, etc).  I’ll make the jump at some point, I imagine, but I’m not there yet.

How about you? How do you do most of your reading? Are you loving e-readers, or shying away still? Am I just being stubborn, or do you get it?


2 responses to “Audio Books and Methods of Reading

  1. My reading is split between physical library books and ebooks. I love my ereader (a Sony Touch)-I love being able to take 100 books whereever I go, even though I never need them, and it’s much lighter and easier to hold than 1000-page epic fantasy hardbacks. Plus it cuts down on the shelf space.

    I used to listen to audio books on long drives. Now I use them to binge on podcasts about writing. I only make a couple long drives a year these days (used to be once a month), and my commute is about 10 minutes, which isn’t enough time to listen to anything.

  2. 10 minutes isn’t even long enough to warm up the car most seaons. 😉

    As far as the ereader goes, is there a way to sort “read” from “unread”? For physical books, I’d just keep a pile on a particular shelf and go to it when I needed another book.

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