May Results / June Goals

May Results

Way too much happened in May, but I did manage to write 3 completed stories, with a fourth close to being finished.  I still want to write more than I have time, but I’m again trying to streamline my schedule. I’ve hit something, a need, no a realization? I need to get this novel done and I’m done whining about how it isn’t getting done. It starts now. Tonight actually. I’ve created a schedule to fit the writing in, hopefully in addition to some short story revisions. It’ll take about 10 weeks to finish the first draft, averaging about 4k a week. I’m sure I’ll get more done once I get the ball rolling and might even get done a little earlier, but I’m not married to it.  (See, there I am doing it again, trying to accomplish more…)


May Results

  • 3 short stories written
  • 4 rejections / 4 resubmissions
  • 2 books read (audio) plus some short stories


June Goals

  • Novel Writing: Shadow of Blood (about 1k a day x 5 days a week; averages 2 chapters weekly)
  • short story writing: conduit (in progress; only need about 2 – 3 more hours on it)
  • short story revisions (Etherea In Her Veins, and resubmit it) plus 3 flash fiction and one picture book
  • crits x4 (Sundays)


I’ve also signed up for the Clarion Write A Thon (and unfortunately am still unsponsored; might have to sponsor myself at this rate). I’m curious to see what they’re going to post to inspire the participants and am hoping to learn something new in the process. It starts on June 26th, and originally I was going to write a story a week to keep up with it. I’m not sure anymore that’s what I’m doing. I might be better off doing a revision challenge. I have a few stories that are close to submission ready and this might give me the push. I’m a slow reviser, thorough and analytical, so I usually don’t like to rush my revisions. I’m getting better at it, and my latest stories are better quality, so maybe they won’t require as many revisions before they reach submission quality. There’s only one way to tell, isn’t there. Okay June: let’s go!


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