Brain Disection and Distance

Work. There’s something about work that takes up one part of my brain’s focus, and that is different from the writing part of my brain. It’s a good balance because while I’m working, the writing part of my brain simmers quietly, every now and then popping a bubble out to where I can see and hear it enough to jot some notes down then go back to work. Then, when I get home, I give the work part of my brain a break and dive into the writing side. It’s a beautiful system, really, and my biggest worry is typically how do I make the writing side of my brain fuse with the work side of the brain when I get to the point I can write for a living.

Truthfully, I’ll worry about it when I get there, but I do have other creative habbits that I could use for the nonwriting creativy time. But for now, I’m having a different experience. I’m having an overload of the work side of the brain. I’m dreaming about work. I’m working from home extensively these past few days, trying to work on a project that’s been building up. I know completing this project won’t end the crazy work focus. My job has changed too much of late to even hope for that.

What I am hoping is that things slow down a little, enough for me to breathe. Enough for me to think about my writing. Honestly it’s only been a few days, but if feels like it’s been weeks since I’ve written. Writing is so much a part of me and how I think and what I do every day that I can’t live without it. I think have my stress is coming from not writing. Huh. Now that just popped into my head and out through my fingers without my even thinking about it. That must be the heart of this.

Maybe knowing that will calm me down enough to let the story sit a few more days without worrying. Knowledge is power. Belief gives strength.

A few more days of this, and then we go through phase two in a few more weeks.

I think I have to admit that November is not going to be a hugely productive month. And it’s only the fifth.

I started in on my “5 Minute Exercise” routine, to gear my body up for the fitness training I’m starting next week. It occurs to me, I can use this for my writing too. I know you can’t do much in five minutes, but a little at a time can add up. I could hit the story draft in progress, work in a notebook.

The work side of my brain could probably use a breather here and there.

All I know, is I’m so glad I backed out of NaNoWriMo.

Hope you’re having a better time than me. Happy Writing.


One response to “Brain Disection and Distance

  1. My work is now my son, but I totally know how you feel. Before he was born I had a job, one that never would have turned into a career, but one of its biggest bonuses was that it intermittently had enough down time to do some writing. However, I never got much done because I was in “work mode.” Occassionally I’d get into the groove at work, but then I’d just get really annoyed every time a customer called–which was not a recipe for job satisfaction. I was aware that I was causing my own frustration by trying to be creative at work when I knew I could be interrupted at any moment, but it just seemed like such a waste to play solitaire in that precious down time instead–even when “work brain” wouldn’t let me get into the story. I never did find a good balance.

    Good luck, and I hope the work obligations calm down a bit!

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