October Results / November Goals

October Goals and Accomplishments:

 It’s been an insane month with work, medical stuff, and I’ve been “writing” by the seat of my pants. I wasn’t sure how my goals would actually work out with the Muse conference, so I did expect some insanity. The key is: I did get stuff done. Just none of what I intended.

 Here are the original goals:


  • Article submission (nope)
  • Shadow of Blood  (nope)
  • Short Story Writing: Surrender (nope)
  • Short Story Revision: Orchard (nope)
  • Alex crit (nope)
  • Muse Online Conference — attended!

 Here’s what I did instead:

  •  New flash, “Neither Heaven Nor Hell”: drafted, revised x3, submitted x2
  • Article Revision (Writers)
  • Review outlined
  • Reading in Progress: On Writing; Malicious Intent; Triangulation: End of the Rainbow; A Wizard Alone (audio)
  • Children’s Story Draft: Isabella’s Star
  • Short story revision in progress
  • Rejections x 3 and Resubmissions 3

 November Goals

 November is going to be insanely busy; work stuff, vacation, birthday party for my 2 year old, relatives in from out of town, and Thanksgiving. So I’m choosing what needs to be done, that I can be happy with (the Priority List, one item per week + Crits), and then there’s the Wish list. As in, I really wish I can do this: and if I have time, I will, but this is not the time to kill myself over it. Oh and the bad news is: with the light levels changing in the evening, I’m losing my after work writing session at the library so I can pick up the kids from school and be home by dark.

 Priorty List

  • Short Story  “HTR” (revision; email for crit)
  • Surrender (short story draft)
  • Comets’ Kiss (revision; put up for crit)
  • Article Revision + Submission (writer)
  • Crits – 2 per week


  • Reading
  • Article draft + revision (book review)
  • Shadow of Blood: outline & cultural work
  • Shadow of Blood: resume draft writing
  • Lonely Orchard revision



One response to “October Results / November Goals

  1. Sounds like some good goals to me! I’m going to try churning out as much novel-crud as I can for this November writing thing, though I started my novel a few weeks ago…

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