The Muse at Work

I’ve got multiple projects in progress, and I’m having fun, but I’m moving forward slowly. Work committments are exhausting me, the cold still hasn’t left, but I’m not giving up. My new story is in worldbuilding phase, I even drew a worldmap where this island exists. It’s a new world for me — a telepathic one. D&D psionics and Star Wars were my first introduction to that kind of magic, and I’m glad I finally found a place to put it to work for me.

Calico revision is still in the works. I plotted out three scenes to go in at the 75% mark, but something isn’t quite working. I need to reevaluate them to see what the deal is.

Exciting reading news: a new anthology arrived in the mail. It’s one I think my own story could have made it into with another revision if only I hadn’t submitted it in the last hour before the deadline. I could be dreaming here, but that’s how I took it. They gave me amazing feedback on my own submission. So naturally, I’m damn curious to see who and what made it into the anthology.  And here it is, Triangulation: End of the Raindbow. I read the first story, a flash piece by entitled “The Rainbow Vendor” by David Sklar. And it’s cute. 🙂 Onto the rest… in between my own writing, of course.

And I found a new site to stalk, thanks to another wotf contestant: I just listened to their Sept 7 podcast on POV. Very interesting. They’ve been at this for a whle; I’m going to have to play catchup.


3 responses to “The Muse at Work

  1. Heheh, don’t you just love that feeling of, “it should’ve been me?” I get it… chronically.

    Writing Excuses is one of the most fantastic resources for budding writers like ourselves. I’ve been blasting backwards through time, listening to all the podcasts I have time for. I like to plug in my ears while I’m doing grunt work at the office!


  2. It’s validation, kind of. That I feel my work is good enough, and that I did get that feedback means I’m not the only one who thnks my writing is worth someone’s time. 🙂 I’m working on a story they won’t be able to resist — I think. We’ll find out in a few months. 😀

    And thanks for the writing excuses link. 😀

  3. Good ole’ Writing Excuses. I have to say I came to it late, but I love hearing competent folk talk in podcast form.

    You won’t hear me downplaying psionics. Even (especially?) since one of my friends has decided that ‘that ain’t no hard SF, man!’ Whether I prove him wrong or not, I’m not qualified to write hard SF outside of the political science magisteria, so I might as well roll with the SciFi. I Draw The Line at Syfy, guys. I have standards?

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