Pushing Through

Rough week with work, the family, even the writing. We’re fighting colds, which means everything is more difficult than it needs to be.

Crits are slow this week. I’ve got two pieces that I’ve read from oww that I need to write the crits for, just haven’t been able to get analytical enough. I have a novel crit to continue. I have a short story to write, and another to revise. The revision isn’t going too badly, I just need to decide on adding a scene, and changing the ending up a little to accomodate the story’s growth. The rest should just be tweaking. I’m focusing on this, and hoping that’ll get me charged up for the rest of the work.

Fitness and health goals are progressing well. Haven’t gotten into the workouts yet, but I ditched the cherry coke, pepsi, and cherry-vanilla pepsi. I hadn’t realized I was up to 40 oz a day, but I was. I needed the caffeine. Or thought I did. I swapped out the soda for water and lemonade, and popped a vitamin b complex in the morning. I feel better (aside from the cold), I’m walking more, and I’m losing weight. It’s good.

So, pushing through. Maybe Sunday/Monday will get me through this revision. 🙂


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